Saccades Announces New LP ‘Land Of The Hearth’, Airs “New Star Line”

Saccades Announces New LP 'Land Of The Hearth', Airs "New Star Line"

Manchester-based psych pop/indie/electronic musician Nicholas Wood aka Saccades (one-half of The KVB) has announced the release of his new album ‘Land of The Hearth,’ and has aired the lead single “New Star Line,” alongside a music video.

The 11-track record will be out on 25 August via new imprint Old World – New World Recordings. Pre-order your copy here.

In 2017, Wood unveiled the Saccades project with an eponymous debut album; a record which saw the KVB’s gloomy atmospherics and glacial walls-of-sound swapped out for stripped-back psychedelic guitars.

The subsequent release, Flowing Fades, in April 2021, saw Wood reincorporate synths into his compositions, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences including J.G. Ballard, Serge Gainsbourg, 80s dream pop, and yacht-rock. 

Land of the Hearth takes its name from a passage by Jonathon Meades and signals a transition for Nicholas Wood, moving away from The KVB’s nocturnal soundscapes and industrial beats, and embracing a more Balearic sensibility. The album boasts a sun-kissed, dreamlike quality, occasionally nodding to the uplifting vibes of house music.

Of the new single, Nicholas shares:

‘New Star Line’ is one of two tracks on the LP that were recorded in collaboration with Kat and was intended as piece of music that could loop on forever, taking the listener on a journey into an endless night.

As well as collaborating on the track, Kat also made the video with me. We discovered a remote and abandoned Mediterranean outpost – a modern ruin trapped between the mountain and the sea which felt like both the end and the edge of the world. For me, the location perfectly captured the other-worldly and dreaminess of the track.

Check out the album’s tracklist as well as the video for “New Star Line,” below.

Saccades ‘Land Of The Hearth’ Tracklisting:

  1. Nearly Dreaming
  2. One Day Soon
  3. Cross Street
  4. Neighbour’s Pool
  5. Some Regrets
  6. New Star Line
  7. Land Of The Hearth
  8. Faint Echoes
  9. Little Whites
  10. Dowsing
  11. Solstice