Same Eyes Air “Reframed” Music Video

Same Eyes Air "Reframed" Music Video

Ann Arbor, Michigan synthpop / synthwave /indie duo Same Eyes (made up of Chad Pratt and Alex Hughes) have aired the video for “Reframed“.

The song came out in March last year, and will feature on the duo’s upcoming compilation ‘The Slow Decline‘, a collection of monthly singles released by the duo throughout 2023, set to arrive on June 14. Pre-order your copy here.

Same Eyes drags soft focus synth pop directly from dreams. Alex and Chad trading notes on strange visions viewed from the window of a slow moving train.

The video was filmed by Lily Carroll and Alex Hughes, watch it below.

Same Eyes “Reframed”

The SLow Decline Tracklist:

  1. Venice
  2. Absence
  3. This Fear
  4. Reframed
  5. Sweet Thing
  6. Two Drinks In
  7. For Somebody
  8. Never Enough
  9. Let’s Pretend Things Are Normal
  10. Novella
  11. Naive
  12. Landscapes