Sands Releases New Single “When It Starts To Rain”

Sands Releases New Single "When It Starts To Rain"

London-based indie/new wave/psych musician Sands has shared his new single “When It Starts To Rain”.

The groovy new wave track sees SANDS experimenting with a new wave/shoegaze combination, and is the second taste of his forthcoming new album “The World’s So Cruel“, out on 13th October. Get it here.

The album puts an emphasis on an uplifting pop flavour, drawing inspiration from American music and imagery, but sometimes filtered through a European attitude. We have previously heard the record’s lead single “Transmission”.

‘When It Starts To Rain’ includes chugging bass lines, steady drum beats, and captivating guitar riffs, which SANDS says results in “a daydream in a busy town kind of feel, being completely absorbed by the daily ritual of life in the city yet deeply immersed in your own thoughts, almost like a hallucinatory sleepwalking.”

Citing the late great David Lynch as one of his musical influences is very on the nose; the chugging bass lines, steady drumbeats, and captivating guitar riffs on ‘When It Starts To Rain’ are fronting an Avant-rock revival.

Take a listen below.

Andrew Sands musical influences comprise Neil Young, Bowie, The Smiths, David Lynch, Talk Talk, Echo and the Bunnymen, and more, resulting in an arrangement of rock ‘n’ roll, psychedelia, and pop elements throughout his music.