Sculpture Club Release New Single/Video “Never Have I Ever”

Sculpture Club Release New Single/Video "Never Have I Ever"

Dallas, TX nu wave/post punk/new romantic band Sculpture Club have released their new single “Never Have I Ever” and its accompanying video.

The track is taken from their upcoming album self-titled, due to be released on June 14 via Born Losers Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Watch / listen below.

Led by Chaz Costello (of Choir Boy, Fossil Arms), Sculpture Club has entered its rightful place as one of America’s most exciting bands. They have had their share of ups and downs since their formation in 2016. They made a name for themselves as party-punks, pure and simple, throwing the kinds of glitter-coated shows that their hometown of Salt Lake City (Now Dallas) had never seen before, and would not soon forget. While cannon-blasting confetti onto crowds at the climax of a set, Sculpture Club was also crafting an “all-in” kind of rock ‘n’ roll that both distinguished them stylistically from other bands in the scene and paved the way for the project to confidently grow and evolve.

Sculpture Club Tracklist:

  1. Impatient
  2. Cursed or Hexed
  3. Drive Too Fast
  4. Never Have I Ever
  5. Hide And Seek
  6. Used Too
  7. If I Was A Ghost
  8. Running Low
  9. Old Moon
  10. November

Catch the band Live:

Jun 15 – Double Wide / Dallas, TX

Photo credit: Kristi