Sea Girls Drop New Single/Video “Weekends And Workdays”

Sea Girls Drop New Single/Video "Weekends And Workdays"

UK indie rock/alt band Sea Girls have dropped their new single “Weekends And Workdays” alongside an accompanying video. 

The song, produced by produced by The Nocturns is out now through Alt Records. Get it here.

Speaking about it, frontman Henry Camamile explains: ““‘Keep your head up’ is both words of encouragement and maybe a choice we don’t really have. The songs is about someone being told take a break, enjoy life, don’t get ground down and ‘have your weekends’ by a friend. Keep your head up and keep going! People burning out in the modern day against the backdrop of 24hour social media, online scams and growing global instability.” 

On the Oska Zaky-directed video, they say: “Global instability inspired this video signified by an economic spiral, job losses and the importance of keeping your head up. Good friendships and luck come at the most unexpected time.”

Watch it below.

Sea Girls “Weekends And Workdays”

Photo Credit: Blacksocks