Seaside Release “We’re On Fire” Music Video

Seaside Release "We're On Fire" Music Video

Byron Bay indie rock/post punk/alt four-piece Seaside have released the video for “Were On Fire“.

The song, produced by Tony Beliveau (The Crash Kings), and mixed by Adam “Atom” Greenspan (Bloc Party, IDLES, Arcade Fire), is part of our current playlist and came out back in March. Get it here.

Speaking about it, singer Dexter said:

“We’re On Fire is about the tug of war between two people in love, and the chaotic ball of lust and energy that is a relationship you are trying to keep from burning to the ground… Something in there will always keep you coming back.”

Watch the Barclay Israel-directed video below.

Seaside, made up of Darcy (vocals/synth), Brady (guitar), Tom (bass), and Chris (drums), burst onto our musical landscape in 2018 with their single ‘Golden Girl’, which immediately propelled them onto the national festival and touring circuit.

They have been touring and releasing music ever since. Across three EPs as well as some standalone singles, the band’s expansive sound continues to evolve, seeing them garner legions of new fans and audiences across the globe in the process.

From the early days of dream-pop – to their newly evolved sound, Seaside’s music always makes you sway freely in a haze …. not realizing where you visited until you wake up.

Photo credit: Jack Lawes