Seasurfer Air “My own eyes ft. Ricardo Silva Veloso” Video

Seasurfer Air "My own eyes ft. Ricardo Silva Veloso" Video

Hamburg noise pop/dream punk/shoegaze band Seasurfer have aired the video for “My own eyes” featuring Portuguese producer/songwriter Ricardo Silva Veloso.

The song serves as the b-side to latest single ‘Jump To The Stars’, released last month (September 23). Grab it here.

Knight says of the collaboration and his plans for the future:

I enjoy it so much working with different singers, getting inspiration and in touch with new and international musicians. This is an engine for the creative process and also makes sure that I don’t stand still and getting bored about myself. I was looking for a male singer for these two songs. I found Ricardo via my graphic designer Helder Costa from Porto. Ricardo sings totally relaxed and cool and fits so well! I will release three more singles with more new singers within the next year. You will hear German-Brazilian singer and actress Gloria de Oliveira, Stereoskop singer Susana from Spain and Laura from Hamburg, who is also singer of post-punk Band Grundeis.

Silva Veloso says of working on the EP:

The powerful ‘Jump to the Stars’ connects the heritage of postpunk with the present, and the sonic symbiosis is, in my opinion, just perfect. The bass and guitars are amazing, and this was immediately my favorite track. The dynamic between different people with different opinions is the theme presented in the lyrics. ‘My OwnEyes’ is an Indie pop track that describes a perspective one should have about the world and the way it evolved to the standards we’re living in now. The dreamy intro followed by spectacular drums easily set the tone for the vocals, and the result is incredible.

Watch/listen below.

Seasurfer “My own eyes ft. Ricardo Silva Veloso”