She Lies Premiere New EP ‘I Am Out’

She Lies Premiere New EP 'I Am Out'

Berlin nu disco/post-punk/electronic/synthwave duo She Lies have premiered their brand new EP “I Am Out“.

Featuring 4 synth-driven pop tracks with infectious dance beats, the EP is out now digitally via Exlove Records. Grab it here.

She Lies is made up of Anni, on vocals and guitar, along with her childhood friend ele, on synthesizers and samplers together with Michel who is also part of the band Rework and exlove label boss. They used to live together in an apartment for a while before starting to record their no wave inspired songs. Their rythms are deeply maniac, proceeding into synth driven krautwave monsters, adjusted with catchy girl vocals and guitar noise.

Take a listen below.

She Lies ‘I Am Out’ EP Tracklist:

  1. My Heart Is A Mess
  2. Really
  3. I Am Out
  4. Give Me The Sun