Silent Runners Unleash New Song “No Manifesto”

Silent Runners Unleash New Song "No Manifesto"
Silent Runners “No Manifesto”

Amsterdam post punk/dark synth band Silent Runners have unleashed their new track “No Manifesto“.

The song is the second and last bonus track from their excellent album ‘Statues & Ornaments‘, released in June last year via Cold Transmission, included in our Best Albums of 2022 list. Get it here.

We have previously heard “Fools Gold“.

Take a listen to “No Manifesto” below.

Mixing dark synths and electronics with post-punk influences, Silent Runners made a name for themselves on stage with energetic shows that are both compelling and strangely hypnotizing.

“Statues & Ornaments” showed a shift in direction for Silent Runners. Featuring a heavier emphasis on post-punk influences and more drum driven songs, without compromising the iconic mix of synths, guitars and deep vocals the band became known for. The album title refers to the ideas and ideologies we as a society put on a pedestal. The same ones that also lead us to rising inequality, climate crisis and mass extinction. It speaks of our inability to explore hopeful new alternatives, while revering the nostalgic embrace of the old ways.

Statues & Ornaments Tracklist:

  1. No Place in Time
  2. My Ambition
  3. Perfect Place to Hide
  4. Decent People
  5. Human Capital
  6. Nothing Stays the Same
  7. The Midas Touch
  8. Elections
  9. Go On
  10. My Truth
  11. The Great Divide