Single Lash Unveil New Single “What Time is it There?”

Single Lash Unveil New Single "What Time is it There?"
Single Lash “What Time is it There?”

Austin, TX shoegaze/post punk/alt band Single Lash have unveiled their new single “What Time is it There?“.

The track is the first taste of their upcoming new album ‘Ladida‘, due out on October 13th. Pre-order your copy here.

Commenting on the album, the band shares:

The title ‘Ladida’ is meant to evoke a sarcastic shrug- an exasperated “Well, wuddaya gonna do?”. And what ARE you going to do? All WE could think to do was make this record and try to make it as tragic, beautiful, funny, defeated, and absurd as the times we made it in. We were inspired by Tears for Fears- the way they would smuggle totally corrosive sentiments into lushly orchestrated pop music.

‘Ladida’ is the weary grandeur of a disheveled gentleman waking in an unknown hotel room, sporting the same tuxedo for the third day in a row. Tie hanging loose around the neck, ice cubes melting in the highball glass in his hand. ‘Ladida’ is a wistful sigh at sunset. It’s the neon sign blinking listlessly on and off through the gap in the blinds. It’s the cold crash of the waves asking you “What if you’d said something different? What if you’d BEEN someone different?” Maybe it’s not too late to try. But it probably is.

Stream “What Time is it There?” below.

Featuring members of Future Museums and Thousand Foot Whale Claw, Single Lash’s drab cynicism is met by their signature wall of effects-drenched guitar and luscious synthesizers, giving this track both tonal and conceptual complexity.

Ladida Tracklist:

  1. All Hallows Eve
  2. New Song
  3. Clinging to Life
  4. Sugar Armadillo
  5. Sorry We Missed You
  6. Cicada
  7. What Time is it There?
  8. Approaching the Point
  9. Possessor
  10. Eating Sand
  11. To Laugh