Single of the Week: Breeze “You’ve Decided”

Single of the Week: Breeze "You've Decided"
Single of the Week: Breeze “You’ve Decided”

Our featured track this week is “You’ve Decided“, the brand new single from Canadian indie rock/post punk/dream punk band Breeze.

Taken from their forthcoming new album ‘Sour Grapes‘, set to arrive on October 9 via Hand Drawn Dracula. Pre-order your copy here.

The new wave – britpop inspired album was recorded by Korody at his Candle Recording studio, at Hotel 2 Tango with Shae Brossard, and mastered by Mark Gardiner of RIDE.

“You’ve Decided” is all about watching someone alienate themselves due to their overreliance on ego and a blind adherence to their own idea of what is right. Korody sings about this person losing touch with reality, digging every inwards, on top of a deeply dance-able 90s groove.

Speaking about it, Korody writes: “‘You’ve Decided’ is about when a person is so self involved that when it comes to large decisions/issues they can’t see logic or obvious truth clearly. And sometimes that one decision can really create a boundary and alienate themselves. When it gets to the point where you think everyone is wrong is but you, that’s usually when you really need to look outside of yourself.”

BreezeYou’ve Decided” Lyrics:

I can’t believe your selfish ways
You are really something
No one listens cause you
Don’t Listen

This is a breaking point for you
And for me
And for everyone

I tried to avoid you
But you keep coming back

Whats it gunna take?
What’s it gunna take?
To get over yourself
To get over yourself

You decided
That everyone is wrong
But you
You’ve Decided