Singles of the Week – November 21/2022

Singles of the Week - November 21/2022

Singles of the Week – November 21/2022 These week’s featured singles are:

1. “A Cry For Help” by Boston coldwave/post punk/dark wave band The True Faith

Taken from their forthcoming second studio album ‘Go to Ground‘, which will be out on January 20th through A La Carte Records.

The track is a departure from the dark sounds of their two antecedent singles. In “A Cry For Help,” thundering toms and vast lead guitar melodies serve as the formidable backbone of the song as lead vocalist Travis Benson’s powerful vocal sways dynamically between a delicate baritone and explosive tenor that closer mirrors the C86 sound of The Close Lobsters than their goth rock predecessors.

2. “Tales From Beyond” by London art punk/avant punk band Italia 90

Taken from their forthcoming debut album ‘Living Human Treasure‘, which will hit the stores on January 20th via Brace Yourself Records.

Regarding the track, the band offer the following “By accident rather than by design, a lot of the tracks we had written for Living Human Treasure didn’t have a chorus, and with Tales From Beyond we wanted to give balance to the album and write something with a hook – written first on a synth, unusually for us – and a chorus, something that would work live as well as on record.

3. “Train to Harlem” by Philadelphia new wave/synthpop/electropop duo Korine

Taken from their upcoming third studio album ‘Tear‘, which will hit the stores on February 17, 2023 through AVANT! Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Though the band’s last single, Burn the World, hinted towards dance music, Train to Harlem transforms fully into a new wave dance anthem, driven by a pounding beat and glistening synth chords. They say: “Emerging from the depths of a subway tunnel, Train to Harlem recounts the lowest moments of human experience in a song as dark as it is anthemic. A dance track within a harsh reality —hinting at triumph and repentance.”

4. “For the Feeling” by Austin, Texas-based coldwave/post punk act Comiti (aka Nick Roos from don’t get lemon).

Comiti is an audio and visual experiment founded to explore different shades of ambience and the aggression in between. Musically they mix what the band describes as ‘nauseating synth soaked bliss and drum patterns that pummel you in the chest’, although you will agree this appealing mix sounds very cold wave like.