Sinking_Gardens Reveals Debut Single “Washed Away”

Sinking_Gardens Reveals Debut Single "Washed Away"

Buffalo, NY shoegaze/space rock/post-rock artist Jeff Kandefer (from The Daysleepers) newest project Sinking_Gardens has revealed his debut single “Washed Away“.

The song, written, composed, recorded, mixed and produced by Jeff is out now via his own label My Daydream Records. Grab it here.

Speaking about it, Kandefer said: “‘Washed Away’ started life as a new Daysleepers song in 2019 but has since been reworked with cleaner production and some harder edged, dreamy, distorted guitars.”.

Take a listen below.

Sinking_Gardens “Washed Away” Lyrics:

An endless day
In the waves
Blood moves around my heart
Dead eyes

Deep blue sea
Carry me
Shapes moving in the dark
Call to me

Washed away
Washed away
Lost today
Washed away

Lie in wait
Fools the watchful eye
Don’t be scared
Just drift away

We don’t make the rules up
It’s just
How it’s always been
Still your life calls to me

Washed away
Washed away
Lost today
Washed away

As hard as you try to get away
Part of me I can’t control
Nobody wants to end this way
Try as you might to save your soul

We always want an easy way
Nobody wants to make the hard call
Close your eyes and drift away
You know it’s nothing personal