SIR-VERE Air Music Video For “The Crazies (Radio Edit)”

SIR-VERE Air Music Video For "The Crazies (Radio Edit)"

Milton Keynes, UK post punk/electronic/alt band Sir-Vere have aired the video for their newest single “The Crazies (Radio Edit)“.

The new single // EP ‘The Crazies’ is out now via Worldsound//Virgin Music Group, get it here.

This new version of ‘The Crazies’ (one of the band’s favourite of this year’s album ‘Lovescope’, is described “as an impassioned cry for a bit of sanity in a modern day whirlwind of misinformation, culture wars, conspiracy theories and mass self-medication bordering on self-destruction.” 

Shuddering sequencers collide with live breakbeats, funk strutting meets Hendrix-esque slide guitar, and it’s all topped off with the kind of earworm songwriting we’ve come to expect from the recently expanded foursome. 

Watch the JBW Visuals-directed video below.

SIR-VERE “The Crazies (Radio Edit)”


  1. The Crazies (Radio Edit)
  2. All You Ever Do (Radio Edit)
  3. The Crazies (Vodzilla Remix)
  4. The Crazies (Rory Hoy Remix)
  5. The Crazies (S-VAS Remix)
  6. The Crazies (Sarosa Remix)