Sister Bliss Reveals New Single “Do It Right”

Sister Bliss Reveals New Single "Do It Right"

British iconic DJ and former Faithless star Sister Bliss has released her new single “Do It Right“.

The song is out today via Junkdog and follows her 2023 single Life Is A Melody, a collaboration with Hyacinth and Apollo. Grab it here.

As one of the most successful British dance artists of the past 25 years, Sister Bliss (aka Ayalah Deborah Bentovim) has continually pushed boundaries in the realm of electronic music. Transitioning seamlessly from her groundbreaking work with Faithless to her forward-thinking solo productions, she has consistently inspired and innovated with each release.

Drawing inspiration from the raw energy of NY house, “Do It Right” encapsulates the essence of her iconic sound, blending pulsating beats with driving vocals to create an electrifying atmosphere.

Speaking about it, Sister Bliss said:

I was really feeling the proper NY house vibes of legendary label Junior Boys Own, and I wanted to make a song which had that same sense of no-nonsense attitude and swagger, and a certain raw jacking edge to it. It’s been going down a storm, and also the Italo mix goes on a more trippy journey which is a great bridge between genres in my sets.

Watch/listen below.

Sister Bliss “Do It Right”