Sleeping Jesus Reveal Music Video For “Ferdy”

Sleeping Jesus Reveal Music Video For “Ferdy”

Minneapolis-based indie pop-rock band Sleeping Jesus have revealed the video for their latest single “Ferdy“.

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their sophomore album, Hollywood Smile, due to be release in November.

What does the American Dream look like these days? Wealth, freedom, and prosperity? Or perhaps pandering and selling out to play a backyard birthday party for a 100 year-old woman resulting in a brawl with a chain-smoking clown and a trio of goths? In Sleeping Jesus’s “Ferdy” wildly entertaining new video, this is exactly what it looks like. 

The Harrison Mccormick-directed video follows the comically eager band who have stars in their eyes upon seeing a telephone pole flier depicting a sleazy cowboy-type offering a hollow message of “Talent Wanted- I’ll Make You A Star! Audition Today.” 

With the notion of selling out in mind, the band opts for cowboy boots and hats and also matching sports jackets for the “audition.” After beating off a chain-smoking clown and a group of goths, the band secures a gig for an elderly backyard birthday celebration, but as they prepare to make their way, the dispirited clown and goths plot their revenge on the winning act, leading to a hilarious confrontation in which the old ladies pour dollar bills down on the brawling entertainers.

With this video, is clear that humor and having fun is paramount for Sleeping Jesus. When asked how important those facets are, Elstad says:

“It’s one of the most important things. It’s probably one of the main reasons we’re still a group. It can be difficult to go on the road and potentially lose money and sometimes have bad shows, but we’re also happy to be having these experiences together. There’s a lot of love as a band, and a lot of respect for each other. It’s turned into a beautiful friendship, and I don’t think the band would go on if anybody left.”

Get the track here and watch the clip below.

Upcoming Live Shows:

10/6 – Icehouse, Minneapolis, MN
10/18 – Resonant Head, Oklahoma City, OK
10/19 – Andy’s Bar and Grill, Denton, TX
10/21 – Internal Servor Error, Austin, TX