Sleeping Jesus Unveil New Single “Ferdy”

Sleeping Jesus Unveil New Single "Ferdy"

Minneapolis-based indie pop-rock band Sleeping Jesus have unveiled their new single “Ferdy“.

The track is the lead single of their upcoming second album, Hollywood Smile, due to be release in November. Get it here.

“Ferdy” encompasses ideations of chasing the American Dream, and doing what’s necessary to achieve it, even if that means kicking pride and integrity aside. More specific to the band, it pertains to being a Midwest artist, and the prospect of taking to the highways to either the beaches of California, or the boroughs of New York City to pursue their dreams of “making it.” 

“The first verse is about youth and being free,” says lead singer and guitarist Nick Elstad. “And the second verse is inspired by a country singer-songwriter friend of ours who moved from New York to LA. He had been building himself up in New York for awhile, then made a change, and had to try to fully immerse himself into a new and challenging scene. For a Midwesterner, you always have this ideal version of LA or NY that it will change something for you. But he still believed in trying to create something out west, and fulfilling that all too common dream.”

Stream it below.

Sleeping Jesus “Ferdy”
More about Sleeping Jesus

Sleeping Jesus started by Nick Elstad in Winona, MN, in 2016. The group features Tyler Steinley (drums), Andy Bauer (bass), Seamus St. Clair (lead guitar), and Dante DeGrazia (keys). Their upcoming album, Hollywood Smile, will follow their acclaimed debut album, Leave the Party Early, that was recorded with friend and producer Mike Noyce (Bon Iver, Tallest Man On Earth). The band has traversed the country, performing from Los Angeles to New York City, and performed during SXSW in Austin earlier this year. The band has plans to tour the country in support of their album in spring of 2024.

Upcoming Live Shows:

10/6 – Icehouse, Minneapolis, MN
10/18 – Resonant Head, Oklahoma City, OK
10/19 – Andy’s Bar and Grill, Denton, TX
10/21 – Internal Servor Error, Austin, TX