slo/tide Releases “It Always Seemed Easier” Music Video

slo/tide Releases "It Always Seemed Easier" Music Video

Underoath frontman Spencer Chamberlain alt/indie project slo/tide, has released the video for his latest single “It Always Seemed Easier“.

The song is part of our current playlist and came out last month, it follows his track “Lay Low released back in February. Get it here.

Reflecting Chamberlain’s personal journey with mental health, the track signifies a new direction for the artist, allowing him to explore the genres that have inspired him. 

Speaking about it, he said:

“‘It Always Seemed Easier’ is a track about my mental health. I seem to always put myself last in every facet of life, and eventually, even when I feel like I’m doing the right thing, it catches up to me. I feel like I’m worried so much about others and how they feel/feel about me I forget to check in on myself. This song is just a reminder to myself to take a second and breathe, even when I remember past scenarios where it was ‘easier’ to fix before. I just gotta keep pushing forward and try harder.”

Watch the Max Gensler-directed video.

slo/tide “It Always Seemed Easier” Lyrics:

Let’s take a sec and figure things out
Cause my head is a mess and it always seemed easier
Momma told me to count to 10 and just breathe it all in cause it always seemed easier

I never took the time
To check and see if I’m alright
I never realized how fast it all could just pass me by

So maybe I’ll just stay in bed today
All these fake faces they seem to keep me awake

I always take things a bit too far, I don’t mean to be distant it always seemed easier mom
I never tried to impress myself I just stayed in my house cause it always seemed easier

Just take a second

If I want advice then I’ll let you know
I’m rollin the dice just to see how it goes
I popped a pill now to numb it all
I’ll see you in hell when this all wears off