Small Black Share “Desert of the Heart” Music Video

Small Black Share "Desert of the Heart" Music Video

Brooklyn-based chillwave/indie pop band Small Black have shared the video for “Desert of the Heart“.

The track features on the forthcoming reissue of their album ‘Small Black’, due to be released on March 31st via Jagjaguwar. Pre-order your copy here.

About the new record, singer Josh Kolenik says:

Ryan and I would lock ourselves away on weekends in the attic of my Uncle Matt’s surfboard workshop/house on Long Island in 2008/2009. There was nothing to do except get tuned up on vodka-lemonade and run the dinky Casio through a $5 Radio Shack amp to see how crazy it sounded. We didn’t really know the proper rules of recording, and the only absolute must was that there be no real drums on the album as we’d had enough of craigslist, there were no expectations for the songs, except to play some Todd P warehouse shows and then Despicable Dogs changed our lives.

It’s been well over a decade now. Matt’s gone, back surfing in the sky somewhere. There was a real spirit to being at his house, with full focus on the tunes for these 48 hour marathons that gave them an intimacy that still feels fresh to me. We originally had made a full record, but ended up sitting on some tracks as we figured out the live band and did an EP instead. Last year, I plugged in a hard drive we thought was never going to turn on again and found the lost music for Desert of the Heart.

Watch/listen below.

Small Black “Desert of the Heart”

Side A

  1. Despicable Dogs
  2. Weird Machines
  3. Bad Lover
  4. Pleasant Experience
  5. Lady In The Wires

Side B

  1. SK5 Banghouse
  2. Desert Of The Heart
  3. Independence Day
  4. Watchers
  5. Kings Of Animals
  6. Midnights House