Small Reactions Air “There Is A Light” Music Video

Small Reactions Air "There Is A Light" Music Video

Atlanta, GA indie rock/indie pop band Small Reactions have aired the video for their latest single “There Is A Light“.

The track features on their 2021 album ‘New Age Soul‘, released through SofaBurn Records. Buy your copy here if you haven’t already.

Commenting on the video, Small Reactions said:

We made the video for “There is a Light” last year with our friend Avery Kincaid for the London-based Straight 8 film competition, where filmmakers are charged to complete a film on one roll of super 8 film, without the ability to rewind, edit, or redo. All scenes are filmed chronologically to fit the narrative, with only one take allowed. The filmmakers can’t watch the completed video until it is developed, then it debuts in the festival months later. To achieve this goal, we attempted to time the shots to the music in “There is a Light,” but couldn’t view the song set to film until everyone else did. Suspense!

There is perhaps nothing more post-modern (or post-mortem?) than someone taking selfies with a dead body, right? Ultimately, the video creates a bit of a juxtaposition of a timely narrative depicted through vintage technology and tight constraints.

Because both the audio and the video for “There is a Light” were recorded in one take, there is perhaps nothing defining of the Small Reactions MO than this project.

Watch the clip below.