Soft Riot Reveals “A Spade Is Played Again (Breakdown Version)”

Soft Riot Reveals "A Spade Is Played Again (Breakdown Version )"

Glasgow-based synth pop/electronic/minimal/dark wave musician Soft Riot (Jack Duckworth aka JJD) has revealed the video for the scratchier (Breakdown Version) of his new single “A Spade Is Played Again”.

The song features on his forthcoming album ‘No.‘, set to arrive on August 11 via Possession Records/Wave Tension Records. Pre-order your copy here.

This is the first of two digital single releases from the album. This extended single features the title album track, and a newer version from the 2021 compilation Dream Baby Dream Volume 1. Also included is a remix by Halicon, the moniker of Dayton, Ohio-based musician Tim Krug. Finally, The non-album track “No Strings Attached” completes the release.

The Breakdown Version, is an alternate Soft Riot version of the track, twisting the original far more into grainy post-punk territory.

Watch/listen below.

According to the press release, numerous elements motivated the album, including the conditions of the pandemic lockdowns and the need to listen to music favorites from beyond his own scene.

In his sound, one can still hear the spirits of early synth musicians such as Images in Vogue, The Box, Section 25, Thomas Dolby, Skinny Puppy, Chrome, Cabaret Voltaire, Fad Gadget, Japan and Bill Nelson. However, some of Jack’s halcyon punk influences surface as well, taking inspiration from legendary punk/hardcore labels such as Dischord and Gravity, as listening habits over pandemic steered back towards more guitar-based styles.