Steak Blake Premieres Debut Single “Reality Shapes”

Steak Blake Premieres Debut Single "Reality Shapes"
Steak Blake “Reality Shapes”

London-based, Minneapolis-born art punk/post punk/indie project Steak Blake, aka Blake C. Joshua, has premiered his catchy debut single “Reality Shapes“.

Raised in Minneapolis, a city known for its thriving music scene, Joshua’s musical influences include pioneering bands such as Hüsker Dü and Babes in Toyland, both of whom can be heard in the vivid threads that run through his work.

Further influencing his multifaceted sound, a move to the UK in 2019 saw him join cult-favorite DIY punk outfit Beige Banquet, which led him to tour Europe, sharing stages with acts such as Crack Cloud and Shame.

Assisted by Rob Slater (Yard Act, Thank) on production, Joshua delivers an unmistakable and charming introduction to his musical identity, with a captivating art-punk style, at times resembling the ideals of bands such as Minutemen or even XTC, Reality Shapes draws you in with its melancholic guitars and dynamic vocals.

Speaking about it, Steak Blake shared:

“The song speaks to the two-dimensional lens we live in, a nod to the shapes and forms we constantly compare ourselves to.”

The song is out now via Just Step Sideways. Get it here and stream it below.