Steak Blake Releases New Single “Under Knives”

Steak Blake Releases New Single "Under Kives"
Steak Blake “Under Knives”

London-based, Minneapolis-born art punk / post punk /indie /no wave project Steak Blake, aka Blake C Joshua, has released his new single “Under Knives“.

The song serves as the lead single of his upcoming EP ‘This One‘ due to be released on June 28 via Just Step Sideways. Pre-order your copy here.

Joshua delivers an unmistakable and charming introduction to his musical identity, with a captivating art-punk style, at times resembling the ideals of bands such as Minutemen or even XTC, Reality Shapes draws you in with its melancholic guitars and dynamic vocals.

The EP showcases six tracks that channel Steak Blake’s experiences and his reflections on modern existence through a mix of angular guitars, dynamic vocals, and introspective lyricism. Produced by Rob Slater, renowned for his work with Yard Act and Thank, “This One” delivers a sound that is both raw and refined, recorded in the same practical, intimate settings that birthed Steak Blake’s solo journey.

Take a listen below.

This One Tracklist:

  1. Under Kives
  2. PLMBT
  3. I See Your Layers
  4. I Lie See
  5. Numan
  6. Innocent Man