Submotile Unleash New Single “Drop To Eternity”

Submotile Unleash New Single "Drop To Eternity"

Italian-Irish band shoegaze/pop/noise-rock/drone band Submotile have unleashed their new single “Drop To Eternity“.

The track features on their upcoming third studio album ‘One Final Summit Before The Fall‘, out on October 21via Shelflife. Pre-order your copy here.

Submotile’s music is influenced by numerous artists, such as My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Warpaint, Smashing Pumpkins, Massive Attack, Swans, Spiritualized, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, and Stars of the Lid.

Stream it below.

Formed in early 2018 by Daniela Angione and Michael Farren, the Dublin band initially started out with a number of ambient and experimental releases, before evolving their sound on their first LP Ghosts Fade on Skylines, which was released on the Midsummer Madness Label in April 2019.

Spending nearly two years on their sophomore effort, Sonic Day Codas arrived in April 2021 and benefited enormously from an increased confidence and comfort in the studio, its improved production values removing a lot of the murk that mired their debut. The album further benefited from a stellar mastering job done by Simon Scott of Slowdive.

Submotile “Drop To Eternity” Lyrics:

The only reason I see
For the moment we live
Is the sparkle I feel

Far away from the gap
Where the hollow will trap
Every visions we had

Is the summit this time
Brittle as pickling lime
Grinding under our feet

As the ice soak my knees
Can’t remember our last spree
And we’re finally free

Dropping into eternity
Like we have

We are building for eternity
Forgive our foolish way
The silence of eternity
Will embrace us in grace
As noiseless as it can be
The drop will came without a word
Tender dream of eternity
Will retire our senses

speak through the wind
Will leave us in tears