Sugar Rody Feat. Local Suicide “Disco Knife (Gunce Aci Remix)”

Sugar Rody Feat. Local Suicide "Disco Knife (Gunce Aci Remix)"

Tallinn, Estonia DJ/producer/artist Sugar Rody and Berlin based producer / DJ duo Local Suicide have unveiled the Gunce Aci Remix of their collaborative track “Disco Knife“.

Co-founder of the mighty Dark Disko night in Tallin, Rody delivered a post-punk synth-wave 5-track EP, which includes two amazing remixes by the label friends Mufti and Gunce Aci, out this Friday, May 24 via Nothing Is Real. Buy it here.

‘Disco Knife’ captures the attention with the main synth, that followed by the vocal from the iconic duo Local Suicide, gently drives the composition hugging the dark and distorted guitar solo melody.

The second track ‘Jean Claude’ with his psychedelic guitar and leads, It transports the listeners in a cosmic journey. This is a truly original and mesmerizingly piece of Dark Wave music. Mexican master Mufti’s remix gives the track a special night driver twist with his unique new wave fingerprint. The third track ‘On The Run’ has an Italo-disco soul, composed by rolling bassline and synth pop melodies.

The remix by the Turkish artist based in Istanbul Gunce Aci, makes a fantastic disco-dub version of the main track ‘Disco Knife’, delivering a pure energetic bliss for every body-mover on the dancefloor.

Take a listen now.


  1. Sugar Rody Feat Local Suicide – Disco Knife (Original Mix)
  2. Sugar Rody – Jean Claude (Original Mix)
  3. Sugar Rody – On The Run (Original Mix)
  4. Sugar Rody – Jean Claude (Mufti Remix)
  5. Sugar Rody Feat Local Suicide – Disco Knife (Gunce Aci Remix)