Sunbeam Sound Machine Airs “Songs About You feat. Poppongene”

Sunbeam Sound Machine Airs "Songs About You feat. Poppongene"

Melbourne based indie pop/dream pop musician Nick Sowersby aka Sunbeam Sound Machine has aired the video for his new single “Songs About You feat. Poppongene“.

The song is the first taste from his third studio album ‘Possum‘, out today, October 7 via Dot Dash Records/Remote Control. Grab your copy here.

Possum engages a new phase of creativity: marked by vibrancy and a desire to embrace new attitudes regarding his approach to music.12 tracks of pure confidence and energy channelled through shimmering synths, rich rhythms and guitar work that buoy Sowersby’s captivating vocals beautifully.

Watch/listen below.

Sunbeam Sound Machine “Songs About You”

A multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer, Sunbeam Sound Machine draws on his deep, diverse skill set on Possum, crafting rich, engrossing soundscapes that encompass everything from psychedelic-pop, alt-rock and electronic compositions, altogether with a vibrant “indie” sheen, as all manner of swirling synths, driving guitars and pulsating bass lines meet in a beautiful harmony.

Commenting on the album Sowersby says:

It’s a much more positive album than previous ones, musically, it’s a lot more upbeat. It’s less reflective than other stuff I’ve done. If I did have a vision, I guess it’s that I wanted it to be almost like a playlist. I wanted it to be a bit eclectic, have it go to different places.”