Sunstinger Air New Single “Endless June”

Sunstinger Air New Single "Endless June"

Scottish shoegaze/indie band Sunstinger have aired their new single “Endless June“.

The track follows last year’s single “Dead For You / Feel The Sun“, and will be included on Sunstinger’s forthcoming EP ‘Worthless’, due out later this year. Grab it here.

Endless June’ is an energetic shoegaze anthem that pulses with dynamic rhythms and dreamy textures, fusing ethereal melodies with an vibrant alt-rock background. Written by Taylor Wright (Vocals, Guitar) & Dave McCulloch – a newer addition to Sunstinger. Taylor had this to say about the track: 

‘The song is about being comfortable in your own misery rather than being miserable in someone else’s idea of joy, and everything in between.’

These are songs sure to appeal both to Saturday night revellers and outsiders listening on headphones in dimly lit bedrooms far beyond these shores. Sonically, while the 4-piece pay homage to cult favourites ‘Slowdive’ & ‘The Jesus & Mary Chain’ amongst others, they unquestionably bring something new to the table, thanks to their relentless experimentation with equipment and working with established producer Magnus Collie (Jesus & Mary Chain, Big Country)

Take a listen below.

Sunstinger “Endless June” Lyrics:

Flowers on an open meadow
Yeah always the same
Feel the breeze it might be warm air
Yeah it’s always there
And it flows
Everything goes

See the world outside, see the world all in yellow
No one can hold me down
In a place I know, I’m floating free and I’m slow
I’m lost but I feel found

Never gonna get it right

Cover me in rain
I’m drowning all the same
Egoistic suicide
Heaven knows we tried

I won’t change
Not for you

Do you wanna know?
Alone, alone, alone, alone again
Do you wanna know?