Super City Share New Single/Video “Getouttahere”

Super City Share New Single/Video "Getouttahere"

Baltimore, MD indie rock/indie pop band Super City have shared their new single “Getouttahere“, alongside an accompanying video.

The track is the first taste of their upcoming new album ‘In The Midnight Room‘, due out October 20 via The SofaBurn. Pre-order your copy here.

Melodic and guitar driven, Super City’s hooky pop sound, blends heavy rock elements and danceability, all with band choreography that results in killer live performances. The band expertly crafts guitar and synth earworms that thrive on the creative tension between bombastic rock and roll and stylized movements.

Commenting on the song, they say:

The lyrics are influenced by The Boss and his song ‘State Trooper.’ The music builds into a frenzy, culminating in a solo that was recorded right after Eddie Van Halen died. You have to step it up when something like that happens. The video is as unpredictable and bombastic as the song. You just have to watch it because we want you to experience it with no preconceived notions.”

Check out the video directed by Dan Ryan and Danny Siebenhaar now.

Super City “Getouttahere”

Super City is Dan Ryan (lead vocals, guitar), Greg Wellham (lead vocals, guitar), Brian Brunsman (bass, vocals), Jon Birkholz (keys, guitar, vocals), and Ian Viera (drums & vocals).

In The Midnight Room Tracklist:
  1. Getouttahere
  2. Hang Up
  3. Departed
  4. Outta Touch
  5. Nice to Meet Ya
  6. Fear With Passion
  7. Know It All
  8. Stitch On Your Side
  9. I Couldn’t Quit
  10. Light of the Moon

Photo credit: Britt Olsen-Ecker