Supercaan Unveil New Single “Ricochet”

Supercaan Unveil New Single "Ricochet"

Birmingham/London based post punk/alt/shoegaze band Supercaan have unveiled their new single “Ricochet“.

The track features on their sophomore album ‘A Tiger Walks The Streets‘, out later this year. Buy it here.

The multi-layered, synth-laden ‘Ricochet’, tackles the complex hypocrisy of vanity. “You’re criticising other people for being vain, but then you’re exactly the same as them,” band member Tom Whitfield says.

Watch/listen below.

Supercaan “Ricochet”

Supercaan is Greg Milner (vocals), Tom Whitfield (lyrics), Stuart White (drums), Justin Januszewski (bass) and Ralph Frost (guitar), their name is inspired by provocative British author J.G. Ballard’s dark thriller ‘Super-Cannes’.

Taking inspiration from groups such as Canadian indie collective Broken Social Scene and late ‘90s Nottingham rockers Six by Seven, Supercaan refined their ambitious sound to one that pairs anthemic indie-rock and soaring electronic landscapes, strewn with bubbling, nostalgic synths.

Propelled by Greg’s sonorous, ruminative vocals, the result is a brooding sound big enough for the weighty questions each song tackles. “We ask ourselves how big and bold can we go in that space of a four to five-minute indie-pop song,” Tom says. “we’ve always liked artists that have made albums where it feels like you don’t want to skip a track because it’s all part of a story, and that’s what we’ve tried to do with Supercaan.”

As Supercaan enter a new era, ‘A Tiger Walks the Streets’ offers perspective in a time that has left so many of us jaded.