Surf Friends Air New Single “Dreaming”

Surf Friends Air New Single "Dreaming"
Surf Friends “Dreaming”

Auckland jangle pop/surf rock duo Surf Friends (made up of Brad Coley and Peter Westmoreland) have aired their new single “Dreaming“.

The song is taken from their upcoming new album ‘Sonic Waves‘, set to be released on March 17 via Flying Nun Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Taking a step further into their kaleidoscopic sound whilst keeping in line with their blissful rock sensibilities, Brad and Pete dish out even more ethereal melodies and guitar loops on ‘Dreaming’, enveloping listeners in its heavenly wash of sonics. 

Commenting on the track, the duo explain:

“This song is about how nature provides us with the environment we need to slow us down, allowing us to see more clearly the direction we want to take. It is about that very moment we become aware and feel our potential, see the direction and take the helm.”

Take a listen below.

Of the album, they said:

The focus of the record was to keep it raw and more distorted than previous releases. Most of the tracks’ guitars had separate channels recorded via a Peavey Rage 108 distortion amp – as a side note, Jeremy Toy (She’s So Rad, Leonard Charles, Sommerset) put this together like 25 years ago for Brad when he was his guitar teacher! Mark Howden also pushed us a bit in production, which was cool.

Sonic Waves Tracklist:

  1. Whirling Hiss
  2. Dreaming
  3. Good Thing
  4. Signal On
  5. Something Real
  6. Woohoo
  7. Times What We Want
  8. Play Your Show
  9. For Today
  10. Sonic