Suz Unleashes “Let No One Rent Free In Your Head” Visuals

Suz Unleashes "Let No One Rent Free In Your Head" Visuals

Italian singer/songwriter/composer Susanna La Polla De Giovanni aka Suz has unleashed the video for her latest single “Let No One Rent Free In Your Head“.

The song is taken from last year’s EP “Hiatus”, released via Springstoff. Get it here.

Borrowed from the title of the debut solo album of Nicolette Suwoton’s (Massive Attack, Plaid, Alec Empire, 4hero), “Let No One Live Rent Free In Your Head” is an English expression meaning “don’t hold a grudge against someone” or “don’t let a fixation obsess you”.

The video, created by Massimiliano Bartolini, features several characters all wearing VR visors, and all enraptured by something running through their minds, to which we are not given to know anything about. Leading their reactions of surprise, joy and amazement is a young girl who gradually lets loose in a liberating dance.

Watch it below.