Sweeping Promises Air New Single “You Shatter”

Sweeping Promises Air New Single "You Shatter"

Lawrence, Kansas post punk/new wave duo Sweeping Promises have dropped their new single “You Shatter“.

It’s the second taste of their upcoming album ‘Good Living Is Coming For You‘, out on June 30th via  Feel It Records/ Sub Pop Records. Pre-order it here.

In 2023, Sweeping Promises return with a new message: Good Living Is Coming For You. At first glance, this nouveau wave slogan offers hope wrapped around relief. At first listen, we realize this may actually be a warning. Darker still, a threat.

Band members Lira Mondal and Caufield Schnug described the song as “our ode to being a hammer.” Stream it below.

Sweeping Promises are Lira Mondal and Caufield Schnug. A chance meeting in Arkansas led to a decade of playing in an eclectic assortment of projects together. Their relentless practice made perfect. Bass playing Lira is an emotive bolt of thunderous energy with the iconic blast of a girl group rolled into one robust throat. Caufield is an intentional guitar player and drummer. No note or hit is extraneous. Together they are meticulous sound engineers, using space as a key ingredient to their distinct sound. Controlling every aspect of their craft, from the first note they write together, all the way through to the final mastering process, each record is an unspoiled fingerprint unique to their dynamic chemistry.

Good Living Is Coming For You Track Listing:

  1. Eraser
  2. Shadow Me
  3. Good Living Is Coming for You
  4. Connoisseur of Salt
  5. Walk in Place
  6. You Shatter
  7. Petit Four
  8. Can’t Hide It
  9. Throw of the Dice
  10. Ideal No