Syd dePalma Shares New Track “Cuerpo, Sombra y Espalda”

Syd dePalma Shares New Track "Cuerpo, Sombra y Espalda"
Syd dePalma “Cuerpo, Sombra y Espalda”

Spanish producer, musician, and vocalist Syd dePalma (aka Milton Castellar) has shared his new track “Cuerpo, Sombra y Espalda“.

Taken from his upcoming EP ‘Blanco Sombra‘, set to arrive this Friday, July 28 via Rotten City. Get it here.

“Blanco Sombra” is an EP where love, hate, and fear converge at a single point, featuring two original tracks, “Puerto Leone” and “Cuerpo, Sombra y Espalda,” dePalma has delved into the darkness to extract every color, finding a wonderful balance between various elements such as light and darkness, with classic and new methods of composition and production.

The result is a fluctuating blend of new wave, psychedelia, and post-pop, creating a sonic space comparable to the feeling of nightfall, where one cannot distinguish between their strengths and weaknesses, yet still feels comfortable in the ebb and flow of sensations between good and evil.

On the other hand, Delone, has transformed the vocals from “Puerto Leone” into an abstract wall of sound that drives the remix as a backdrop.

Take a listen below.

Milton Castellar (Granada) previously based in Berlin and Barcelona and currently in Madrid, is also known for his solo Galera project. His latest release has been with Shubostar on the German label Permanent Vacation, previously he also released a physical release on his own Subterranea label based in Berlin.

Blanco Sombra EP Tracklist:

  1. Puerto Leone
  2. Puerto Leone (Delone Remix)
  3. Cuerpo, Sombra y Espalda

Photo credit: Indra Zabala