Teenage Sequence Drops New Single “D​.​I​.​S Connect”

Teenage Sequence Drops New Single "D​.​I​.​S Connect"
Teenage Sequence “D​.​I​.​S Connect”

London-based alt/dance/disco/punk artist Teenage Sequence (aka Dewan-Dean Soomary) has dropped his new single “D​.​I​.​S Connect“.

The synth-soaked song is out now and follows of from his 2021’s single “All This Art”. Get it here.

While in “All This Art,” Soomary exhorted white listeners to remember the joke’s on him, even when he’s the punchline, with “D.I.S. Connect” he tells a dark new joke: a story about playing along with rich hipsters’ exotic-lover fantasies, hoping that it’ll get him laid.

Teenage Sequence explains:

D.I.S Connect is a song that draws on the experiences that I and a lot of my friends of color have had with dating and love (or maybe more correctly lust)— the sudden horror that comes with realizing that to the person you’ve been pursuing, you are nothing more than an exotic trophy to be shown off. And the strange decision that then lies ahead: do I leave or continue to try and get, well, laid?
The music itself actually pre-dates Teenage Sequence as an concept. I wrote a verse and chorus around the bass line about 6 years ago and then trashed it. My wife overheard me listening to that early version last year and found it funny and told me I should finish it. So I did. And here we are.

I wanted to pay a musical homage to the weird ‘post-punk-disco-funk-punk-new-wave-no-wave-proto-dance’ (might put that on a t-shirt) bands of the late 70s (ahem Delta 5 ahem) and I hope I’ve come somewhat close – fun fact, the song in its earliest form pre-dates Teenage Sequence as a concept; I wrote pretty much all of it around 6 years and tossed into the trash. If it weren’t for my wife overhearing the demo and convincing me to finish the track, it might never have seen the light of day.

Take a listen below.