Telebrains Share New Single/Video “Justifier”

Telebrains Share New Single/Video "Justifier"

Vienna, Austria indie rock/psych/garage punk band Telebrains have shared their new single “Justifier” and its accompanying video.

The song is taken from their upcoming album ‘My Thoughts Changed Directions‘, due to be released on March 29 through Siluh Records. Pre-order your copy here.

UPDATE 02/19/2024: “Justifier” is our new Single of the Week!

TELEBRAINS is the new garage punk power trio band project from Kevin Namiotko (DJ Gusch / Taxi), Felix Schnabl (Salamirecorder / Salami Sux / Laundromat Chicks) & Xavi Sosa (Atom Womb / ephemer). In 2022, they decided to start a band after having a mind blowing jam session together and realising their common love to Misfits, Ramones, Osees, stupid jokes, fast food and School of Rock. 

Urban Dictionary defines telebrains as: “Connection between two brains. Similiar to mind reading. People just say\think the same. Usualy happening surprisingly and without announcement.”

Commenting on the album, Xavi Sosa says:

The process of the album was quite unique and fast. We made almost half of our songs on our first jams as a band and the other half were ideas mostly Kevin came up with or that we wrote as duos (Kevin-Xavi & Kevin-Felix) when we were hanging out together.

To write the lyrics Kevin & I (Xavi) went to the Danube Island and we found a tiny island on the island in summer and sitting next to a naked dude (literally there was one next to us super random) we wrote all the lyrics in a blast of inspiration (maybe this naked dude was the source of inspiration). 

We recorded our songs at SUPPORT NOTHING STUDIOS with Hannes from the band Johnny & the Rotten. I think we established a time record there. We made 14 songs in 17 hours or something like that. It was insane. In the end we decided to put only 13 tracks on this record. 

These songs are a homage to the spirit of rock & roll I would say. It holds almost everything that aligns with it. Garage, Psych, Kraut, Punk & much more. The lyrics are hella fun and some of them are dead serious. It captures our humor and our energy playing together. It really feels like a genesis album, something bigger than has been born: TELEBRAINS.

Watch/listen below.

Telebrains “Justifier”

My Thoughts Changed Directions Tracklist:

  1. One Last Step Together
  2. Justifier
  3. This Is My Bassdrum
  4. Bleeding Out
  5. In My Head
  6. My Thoughts Changed Directions
  7. Monster
  8. My Way
  9. Time For Romancing
  10. I Need a Doctor
  11. In the City
  12. Golden Silver Surfer
  13. The Bullshit