Teleman Drop New Single “Good Time/Hard Time”

Teleman Drop New Single "Good Time/Hard Time"

London indie rock band Teleman have dropped their new single “Good Time/Hard Time“.

The song serves as the title track to their forthcoming fourth studio album ‘Good Time​/​Hard Time‘, which will be out on 7th April via Moshi Moshi. Pre-order your copy here.

The track is a about overcoming painful relationships and coming out stronger on the other side, as vocalist Tom Sanders explains: 

“It’s a retrospective look at something that you can only achieve once you’ve passed through the storm. ‘Dark clouds gathered round but I grew so tall my head came out, now trouble seems far away’. Sometimes relationships are like addictions – they are compulsive and we get tangled up in them and keep doing it even though we know they are harmful. But the chorus is actually a celebration of the experience, because it’s best to remember the good times.”

Stream it below.