Temples Release New Single “Cicada”

London’s neo-psych band Temples have released their new single “Cicada“, off their forthcoming fourth studio album ‘Exotico‘, which will be out on 14 April via ATO Records.

UPDATE 20/03/2023: “Cicada” is our new Single of the Week!

One of the album’s most explosive tracks, “Cicada” serves as a frenetic meditation on rebirth and renewal, fueled by furious drumming, dizzying strings, and the distinctive sound of a Marvin – a copper percussion instrument Temples lead singer/guitarist James Bagshaw describes as “something out of a steampunk museum.” 

Temples’ Thomas Walmsley expalins:

“‘Cicada’ came from being inspired by the sound of cicadas,” says , “and the idea of emerging from the underground after a long time of being suppressed. We were attempting to turn that sound into a sort of dance rhythm, and once we started working with Sean we really built up the production by digging into his cupboard of keyboards and synths.”

“You never really see cicadas, but you can imagine them having a frantic life, and to me that song feels like a huge army of them whipped into a frenzy.” Bagshaw added.

Stream it below.