The 23s Release New Single/Video “Nothing”

The 23s Release New Single/Video "Nothing"

Sheffield indie/psych pop/alt band The 23s have unleashed their new single “Nothing” and its accompanying visuals.

It’s the 16th single of their ‘release one song a month’ project, releasing 23 tracks in 23 months, featuring genre flipping anthems, showcasing a vision for modern times in the new post Covid world. The full album, track by track of 23 songs, will be out on Dec 23.

Rob Cohen originally recorded “Nothing” as a rough demo idea on acoustic guitar, with some bits programmed. The track was then worked up with the rest of the 23s, with Tom Taylor and Rob G adding their own parts and ideas. With the finest ideas saved; the original was edited down from 5 minutes. The song is about feeling disillusioned with the world in general and with things like AI creating things from nothing that aren’t real by a press of a button and putting a spanner in the works for creatives and musicians in the process, this track was finalised as a rough layout of riffs and parts and then taken into the studio and fully produced by the band with the help of Tom Taylor in his Channel 23 Studios (Sheffield).

Nothings what it seems when your living in a dream,
Now your older, bolder, like a toy soldier

The track is out now via Channel 23 Records. Grab it here and watch / listen below.

The 23s “Nothing”

The 23’s are Rob Cohen, Tom Taylor and Rob Gurruchaga. The band is planning to do a livestream set of gigs with a vinyl record produced early 2025 of everything recorded over 2023-24. “There’s a set of EPs and remixes to be released later this year and into next year!” Tom Said. This mass of material came out of lockdown. “Without the constraints of work, we had time to explore ideas, of which there were many, in some cases there is 4 or 5 versions of songs, we just wanted to get the right vibe on each song that worked for us!” added Rob G.