The 23s Share New Single “1984”

The 23s Share New Single "1984"

Sheffield band The 23s have shared their new single “1984” – Back To The Miners Strike (Remix).

Comprised of Rob Cohen, Tom Taylor and Rob Gurruchaga, The 23’s have driven, melodic indie pop arrangements with analog synthesizers and synth guitars.

“1984” showcases Taylor’s unique production, coupled with rich guitar/synth melodies, vocals and songwriting brought in by Cohen/Gurruchaga and Taylor himself.

The band spent lockdown in the UK writing 100’s of demos. ‘Never be the same’ was the first single from their ‘release one song a month’ project, which will become their debut double album over the next 23 months, featuring genre flipping anthems, showcasing a vision for modern times in the new post Covid world.

The 23s “1984”

The idea for 1984 originally started when Rob Cohen was reading 1984 by George Orwell on the 23rd of September 2021. Around this time, Tom Taylor sent him some audio ideas, during a discussion about favourite childhood films. Back to the Future came up in conversation (of course!) and it was agreed that out of all the favourite films, a part 4 would be a great idea!

From this came the idea of the band recording an unoffical soundtrack to an unmade film, so piecing together all this into an idea, 1984 was born, and the rest is history. Although you might not like this, your kids are going to love it!!!

The track was originally recorded by the band in early 2020 at a different tempo, different style and had a limited release. Now, for the new 23 tracks in 23 months project, the band decided to resurrect the track, with a new remix and a totally different style.

They decided to call this version the ‘Back To The Miners Strike Mix’ to both differentiate it from the original version for those who had heard it – and also add a nod to the events taking place back in the 80’s.

The song is out now via Channel 23 Records. Get it here and take a listen below.

Artistically, the band pulls influences from a variety of artists. These include producers like Trevor Horn and musical artists such as: David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Blaqk Audio, Gary Numan, The Beatles, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Talk Talk, Oasis, Ultravox, Echo & the Bunnymen and Thomas Dolby.