The Baby Seals Unveil New Single/Video “ID’d at Aldi”

The Baby Seals Unveil New Single/Video "ID'd at Aldi"

Cambridge-based punk garage band The Baby Seals have unveiled their new single “ID’d at Aldi” and its accompanying video.

The track features on the upcoming debut album ‘Chaos’, out on 19th April via Trapped Animal Records / Green Island Records. Pre-order it here.

Why does being told you look younger than you are by a complete stranger make you feel so good? Kerry Devine explains the genesis of the song:

getting ID’d – last time it happened to me was at Aldi, my response was to take it as a compliment – but then as I walked out I thought to myself, how weird is that? What’s wrong with looking your age?!  What is this obsession about looking younger, especially for women, as a man you can be a craggy faced ‘silver fox’ but what is it about women where our currency is directly linked to youth. The song is about us questioning our response and what that says in turn about women older than us.’

Of the video she says: “I needed some milk, and the band needed a video, so we did what we do best: multitask. The dynamic shots—the ones where Kate and Amos had to be in the trolley, holding the phone—were a reference to the Titanic scene where Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are dancing below deck to a jig.

Kerry says, “It gave the video good pace and helped me run off those little pastel de nata cakes.” The sisters used to make homemade versions of famous films and music videos. Their favourites were ‘Shout’ (a riff on ‘Scream’) and The Spice Girls’ ‘2 Become 1’ (which they turned into ‘4 Becomes 8’).

Watch / listen below.

The Baby Seals “ID’d at Aldi”

According to the press, “Chaos,” is a sonic exploration that blends heavy guitars, a pop edge, and a punk rock garage spirit with a heavy attack. Made up of Amy “Amos” Devine on drums and backing vocals, Kate Shore on bass and backing vocals, and Kerry Devine on guitar and lead vocals, the band delivers a raw and energetic collection that captures the essence of their live performances.

Chaos Trackilst:
  1. Yawn Porn
  2. Id’d At Aldi
  3. Vibrator
  4. Chaos
  5. Invisible Woman
  6. My Labia is Lopsided. But I Don’t Mind
  7. Mild Misogynist
  8. Nipple Hair
  9. It’s Not About The Money, Honey

Upcoming Shows

Cro Cro Land – London April 13/14
Portland Arms – Cambridge 19 April (album launch)
Punk Rock Barbecue – Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge 20 April
Folklore Hoxton – London 25 April (album launch)

Photo Credit: Jeff Pitcher