The Black Veils Drop “Up the Down Escalator” (The Chameleons cover)

The Black Veils Drop "Up the Down Escalator" (The Chameleons cover)

Italian post punk band The Black Veils have dropped their cover version of The Chameleons classic “Up the Down Escalator“.

The track features on the upcoming Darkitalia compilation ‘Script of the 40th Bridge – The Chameleons Italian Tribute‘, set to arrive on August 1st. Pre-order your copy here.

Take a listen below.

About The Black Veils

Formed in 2014 out of the collaboration of Gregor Samsa (AKA gregorsamsaestmort), Filippo Scalzo (Caron Dimonio) and Mario d’Anelli (European Ghost), The Black Veils write angry and miserable post-punk songs while based in Bologna, Italy. They released two albums in 2015 and 2017, respectively: the self-produced Blossom and Dealing with Demons (Atmosphere Records).

Leonardo Cannatella (BeStrass, Leva) joins as the new drummer in early 2018, delivering his first performance as the band shares the stage with Drab Majesty. Between 2017 and 2019 The Black Veils keep on touring through Europe and writing new songs on and off the road for their third chapter. Following the release of three more singles by french label Icy Cold Records in 2020 and early 2021 (Hyenas, Lamourlamort, Rabbits), the band 3rd album Carnage, came out in November 2021 also thorugh Icy Cold Records.

‘Script of the 40th Bridge – The Chameleons Italian Tribute’ Tracklist:
  1. Les Longs Adieux – Don’t Fall
  2. Two Moons – Here Today
  3. Secret Sight – Monkeyland
  4. Selfishadows – Second Skin
  5. The Black Veils – Up the Down Escalator
  6. DegHerl – Less Than Human
  7. Darvaza Wave – Pleasure and Pain
  8. Emil Moonstone & the Anomalies – Thursday’s Child
  9. Stella Diana – As High As You Can Go
  10. Sacred Legion – A Person Isn’t Safe Anywhere These Days
  11. Vidi Aquam – Paper Tigers
  12. Red Mishima – View from a Hill (feat. Thomas P.)
  13. A Silent Noise – Intrigue in Tangiers
  14. This Eternal Decay – The Fan And The Bellows
  15. Zeitmaschine – Lufthansa
  16. NOKTVA – In Shreds
  17. Felpa feat. gregorsamsaestmort – P.S. Goodbye