The Burma Air New Single “Sucker For Stars”

The Burma Air New Single "Sucker For Stars"

Irish indie rock band The Burma have aired their new single “Sucker For Stars“.

The song serves as the title track of their new album ‘Sucker For Stars‘, out tomorrow, October 14 via The Burma Music. Grab it here.

According to the press release, Sucker For Stars is a rocker’s fantasy. Like a new band poster, the album offers fans a vivid image of what The Burma stands for as a band, printed in high gloss. A few of the featured tracks thrash lawlessly, inciting miniature musical riots while other ballad-type records live together in gently strummed harmony. With only guitars, drums, and vocals, The Burma has written an album that is rich and dynamic.

Commenting on the album, The Burma share:

“Sucker For Stars is a body of work which we officially started two and a half years ago – although it‘s been much longer in the making. The album represents two different sounds for us – the first, made up of 6 older songs which we’ve held onto over the years- and then 5 brand new songs showing where our writing style is at in its current form. It’s a milestone moment for us to have our debut album out in the world, it’s been a long time coming.”

Listen to “Sucker For Stars” below.