The Chain Gang Of 1974 Drops New Single “Highwire Days”

The Chain Gang Of 1974 Drops New Single "Highwire Days"

Los Angeles-basedsinger/multi-instrumentalist The Chain Gang of 1974 (aka Kamtin Mohager), has dropped his new single “Highwire Days“.

The song, produced, mixed and mastered by Nathaniel Motte is out today (Jan 25) via Fever Ltd. Get it here.

Stream it below.

The Chain Gang Of 1974 “Highwire Days” Lyrics:

Heavy steps
And a late night feeling
I just can’t let it go
People will never know what I’m thinking
Cigarettes and all the weekday drinking
Cover up what we lost
Now I don’t know the cost of smiling, no
I watch the strangers as they walk by
From twenty stories high
Reset my rhythm to the blue sky
Just know…

It’s got me walking a tightrope, yeah
Hanging on every word you said
Can I fly and not fall instead?
Living highwire days
Far away I can see the ground
Rushing down in a silent sound
Staring up at the soft white clouds
Living highwire days
Highwire days

Endless ways
And the road not taken
Though the dreaming is gone
I can still sing a song about feeling low
I watch the strangers as they ask why
From twenty stories high
Just a silhouette on a blue sky
Just know…

Repeat Chorus