The City Gates Air “The Happy Losers Sweet Delusion” (Golden Apes cover)

The City Gates Air "The Happy Losers Sweet Delusion" (Golden Apes cover)

Montreal post punk/shoegaze band The City Gates have aired their cover of Golden Apes track “The Happy Losers Sweet Delusion“.

The cover features on the upcoming compilation “Scattered Lights (A reflection of the music of Golden Apes)“, released in celebration of the German post-punk band’s 25th birthday, set to arrive on December 15 as a digital download only via their bandcamp page. Get it here.

The collection includes contributions from artists such as Then Comes Silence, Girls under Glass, Saigon Blue Rain, Whispers in The Shadow, Deer Dear, Bedless Bones, She Pleasure Herself, No More, Ductape, Stridulum, and many more.

Watch/listen below.

The City Gates “The Happy Losers Sweet Delusion”

The City Gates create a musical blend of post-punk, shoegaze, and darkwave. Their sound results from a mix of highlights of dark, obscure alternative music drenched in reverb, fuzz, and delays. The band’s creative process leans on the chemistry between their members, who share a passion for history and social turmoil. Thei latest album “Age of Resilience” came out in 2021 via Icy Cold Records/ Velouria Recordz.

Golden Apes was founded in 1998 by Peer Lebrecht, Christian Lebrecht, and Eric Bahrs. The band’s trademarks are melancholic-atmospherical songs and complex, sometimes surreal lyrics. From their debut “Stigma” (2000) to their latest output “From the Sky” (2022), the Golden Apes manage to deny any kind of tangibility, step back behind the music like messengers only, delivering the map that guides you, leads you out to the land of swarms, to the places that scare and shelter you… to the rivers and the deserts…