The Doormen Drop Music Video For “Silence”

The Doormen Drop Music Video For "Silence"

Italian post punk/new wave/shoegaze band The Doormen have dropped the video for their latest single “Silence“.

The song is taken from their new album ‘The Truth in a Dark Age‘, released in May through Mia Cameretta Records. Buy it here.

“The Truth in a Dark Age ” is a dark and vibrant record looking at Shoegaze and 80s Wave. The cover depicts two fugitive lovers, immortalised in an intimate moment inside the cockpit of a car acting as a suit of armour. The kiss is the only sincere and clean truth in this dark age. At the same time it also symbolises the original sin made up of temptations of consciences and bent wills.

The song’s frantic and steady rhythm is the soundtrack that accompanies the subject around the city. Wandering from place to place while listening to the Sex Pistols and the Clash on headphones, the protagonist questions and reflects on the society in which he lives. The songs blaring out only fuel resentment and malaise until they reach and shape his thinking. Uniqueness and one’s personal freedom very often leads to being isolated from this society that does not understand and accept the individual. Remaining silent is the only truth in this dark age.

Watch the Matteo Pozzi-animated video below.

The Doormen “Silence”

The Truth in a Dark Age Tracklist:

  1. Night Shift
  2. Silence
  3. Weeping Sins
  4. A Freak
  5. Glass Factory
  6. Old Man
  7. September
  8. Your Shape Pillow

Photo credit: Marco Parollo