The Foreign Resort Reveal New Single “Resound”

The Foreign Resort Reveal New Single "Resound"

Danish post punk / dark new wave band The Foreign Resort have revealed their new single “Resound“.

Formed in 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Foreign Resort has spent 10 years creating and honing an explosive yet melancholy post-punk sound that is as rich as it is exciting, and as immediate as it is dark and deep. The band combines the shadowy mysticism of The Cure’s Pornography era with a driving production aesthetic akin to LCD Soundsystem. Intricate reverb-enveloped guitar lines glide over Steffan Petersen’s bass and Morten Hansen’s powerful drumming, all while Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen’s taut and sincere vocal delivery demands attention.

After releasing several independent albums, and eager to take their sound to that next level, the band has inked a deal with popular Toronto-based Artoffact Records.

The song is out now, grab it here and watch a lyric video below.

The Foreign Resort “Resound” Lyrics:

When I fly over to you
All this foreign love seems to overflow
You always feel as home

I got lost, always, again
Deep inside it was dark
But you changed my decay
Made my demons go away

When the fire’s burning faster
Couldn’t hide this disaster
Running away from you
Never pulling through

In my heart – detonating
From the start – no escaping
Running away with you
Everything comes true

Contemplations always changing
Down that hole, it’s all self-hating
In my mind it’s all consuming
I’ll trip and fall
Reemerging, will power charging
Made to last and always raging
Memories can turn into
The most beautiful song

Let me walk into your fire
Let me throw love at my lies
Let’s take control and resound
Let’s make this our best one