The Holy Unleash New Single/Video “The Incredible Ibex”

The Holy Unleash New Single/Video "The Incredible Ibex"

Finnish indie rock/alt band The Holy have unleashed their new single “The Incredible Ibex” and its accompanying video.

The song is out now via PME Records and is taken from their upcoming album ‘Ländmark‘, out in February next year. Get it here.

On The Incredible Ibex, powerful guitar riffs combine with the delicate delivery of the rest of the song. For the first time, The Holy also sings in Finnish. The band’s lead singer Eetu Henrik Iivari, says:

The Incredible Ibex was the first song I wrote at the beginning of 2020 and it has remained the same since the first late night session. Even its Finnish sounds were kept in the song, but with new lyrics. It’s one of our all-time favorites and I think it shows the diversity of our band in one song.”

Of the video, director Oksana Lommi says: “The video was inspired by the song’s contrast. It is a playful and absurd description of two forces that struggle, but sometimes merge into each other. The video tells about the effort to make the impossible possible.”

Watch/listen below.
The Holy “The Incredible Ibex”

Formed in Helsinki in 2014. Known for their Nordic melancholy, highly explosive live shows and for the unusual band formation that includes two drummers who keep the pulse high at all times, the quintet has been shaking the ground of the Nordic music scene since the release of their debut EP More Escher And Random Notes in 2016. Eetu Henrik Iivari’s tense and timeless voice and the guitar loaded wall of sound often makes you feel comfortably uncomfortable.

Ländmark is the band’s third full-length album. “We are definitely looking forward to the release of this album and we feel better than ever as a band. Ländmark is The Holya at its best, and we are really proud of it despite all the challenges and trials. The process has helped us grow both as individuals and as a group.”