The New Division Drops New Single “Falling”

The New Division Drops New Single "Falling"

Los Angeles based new wave/synthpop/electronic artist John Glenn Kunkel aka The New Division has dropped his new single “Falling“.

Spearheaded by Kunkel (lead vocals/producer/songwriter), The New Division is Influenced by a mix of new wave, progressive house, and techno, Kunkel has taken the tastiest slices of these genres and blended them into The New Division’s signature sound.  

The song will be out this Friday, January 5 through Division 87 Records and follows last year singles “Show Me Love” and “One Day“. Pre-save it here and have a listen below.

The New Division “Falling” Lyrics:

Give it up
Walk away and run to me
Shallow pains
Are waiting outside

Keep your voice low
The fading rust moans over the hills
Close your lungs tight, fix your eyes on the skies
Place your hands upon my heels

Drop me down
Don’t let go
Cast my shadow
Down this hole

Falling from the heights
Sink into the mud
Falling from the skies
You’d catch me if you could, you could

Can you come back
Its all turned black
I’m in too deep

Sailing ‘cross the stars
We are miles apart
Can you come back down to me

Photo credit: @theworkofjar