The New Pornographers Release New Single “Angelcover”

The New Pornographers Release New Single "Angelcover"

Canadian power-pop/indie rock band The New Pornographers have released their new single “Angelcover“.

The song is taken from the upcoming album ‘Continue as a Guest‘, due to be released on March 31 via Merge Records. Pre-order your copy here.

The album tackles themes of isolation and collapse, following the ambivalence of day-to-day life during the pandemic and the endless pitfalls of living online.

Commenting on the track, bandleader AC Newman shares:

A shared experience we all have is the fever dream, usually a manifestation of our fears and anxieties, an illness begins to take on its own shape and personality. This one is about an angel that sat at the foot of my bed and explained to me how most people listen to music. They were kind of right. It is also a pop song.

I pictured this one as a weird little George Saunders-esque sketch, a snapshot. I found myself a lot more concerned with performance and/or delivery, changing melody and phrasing to get a better performance, less concerned, less precious about the original melody or lyric that I wrote. With that in mind, I had the idea of angels visiting me in the night with the message that “melody ain’t got nothing on delivery.” Kind of a fever dream, where feelings take on their own personality and shape.

Stream it below.

The New Pornographers “Angelcover”

Continue as a Guest Tracklist:

  1. Really Really Light
  2. Pontius Pilate’s Home Movies
  3. Cat and Mouse with the Light
  4. Last and Beautiful
  5. Continue as a Guest
  6. Bottle Episodes
  7. Marie and the Undersea
  8. Angelcover
  9. Firework in the Falling Snow
  10. Wish Automatic Suite