The Oceans Premiere “Time To Say Goodbye” Music Video

The Oceans Premiere "Time To Say Goodbye" Music Video

Danish noise pop/nu-gaze/new wave band The Oceans have premiered the video for their latest single “Time To Say Goodbye“.

The song is part of our current playlist and features on their recent debut album ‘Love Above All‘, released last month (September 9). Buy your copy here.

Riotous guitars, insistent beats, and captivating melodies are the essence of The Oceans. Formed in 2014 by Copenhagen multi-instrumentalists Dan Joe & Linus Valdemar, the duo sounds like their city feels – a pulsing, paradoxical sea of chaos, noise, and serenity.

Although at first glance, ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ with Dan Joe’s deeper and more hoarse vocals in the lead, sounds like a breakup song, it’s actually not the case, he explains: 

Time To Say Goodbye is not written for a girlfriend, but it’s more about all the relationships in life – both with friends, family and colleagues where you occasionally may need a fresh start“.

Watch/listen below.

The Oceans “Time To Say Goodbye”

Love Above All Tracklisting:

  1. In the Beginning
  2. Did You Know
  3. Time to Say Goodbye
  4. Listen Kids
  5. Love Above All
  6. Young and High
  7. The Oceans feat. Marie Fjeldsted – Relationship Revisited
  8. I Am Your Man
  9. Love You Forever, Hate You More Than Ever
  10. In the End